Llanover Estate

Guidelines for Prospective Tenants

  1. Properties on the Llanarth Estate are let on Assured Shorthold Tenancies . A blank copy of this agreement can be examined at any time by prospective tenants upon request. The majority of lettings are on 7-Year terms, encouraging occupiers to take a long-term interest in both the property and the wider community.
  2. Tenants are expected to maintain high standards of care of both the interior and exterior of the premises, and to behave in a considerate and neighbourly manner at all times.
  3. Prospective tenants are required to complete a preliminary application form, and provide photographic identification, prior to any viewings.
  4. A bond equal to two months rent for the property is charged subject to a minimum amount of £750.
  5. The tenant is liable for council tax, water rates, electricity, gas ( if connected), oil ( if used) and all other outgoings for the duration of the letting.
  6. No subletting of the property is permitted.
  7. When a prospective tenant is being considered for a particular property they will be required to complete a credit check form and to make a payment,which is not refundable, for the processing of this. In the case of joint tenants or in the event that a guarantor is required, further individual applications will be needed.
  8. Before the start of the tenancy, the first month’s rent and the bond are paid in full. If a personal cheque is being used to make this payment then it must be received in time to allow 7 working days for the funds to clear before the start date of the tenancy. It is required by the Landlord that subsequent monthly rental payments are made in advance by standing order.
  9. A written offer will be made to successful applicants, stating the principal terms of the letting, which must be signed and returned within 7 days, enclosing payment to cover the costs of the Lease and the payment of the first month’s rent, (which shall be non-refundable in the event of the applicant failing to complete the Agreement).
  10. The Landlords operate a Tenant Deposit Scheme, and a detailed inventory will be prepared and agreed between landlord and tenant on handover of the property. Both this and the Checkout Report on departure are conducted by a third party.
  11. Prospective tenants should be aware that where occupied property is offered to let, the Landlord can offer no guarantee of the proposed date of vacation, nor indemnify any costs or losses incurred if this shall be subject to variation.
  12. Tenants should be aware that they are committing themselves to a legal contract when they sign the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and they have a financial commitment and a responsibility of care to that property until the termination date. Prospective tenants are encouraged to examine the Agreement carefully and consult a solicitor if necessary.
  13. All lettings are conducted by Estate Staff and the dedicated Resident Land Agent, operating from the on-site Estate Office from where all queries both before and during the course of the tenancy are handled.